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Polygon Miden, a pioneering project within the Polygon ecosystem, has announced a $35 million grant initiative aimed at fostering innovation and enhancing the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. This initiative is designed to support the development of scalable and efficient blockchain solutions leveraging Polygon Miden’s advanced technologies.

Innovative DeFi Trading with Spark

Composability Labs is at the forefront of this initiative with its development of Spark, an on-chain central limit order book (CLOB) that promises to revolutionize DeFi trading on Polygon Miden. Spark utilizes state minimization and zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs to enhance trading efficiency, minimize state storage, and provide greater transparency and security compared to traditional off-chain solutions.

Key benefits of Spark include:

  • On-Chain Execution: Ensures greater transparency and security.
  • Advanced Order Types: Supports a wide range of order types and provides a clear view of market depth and liquidity.
  • Enhanced Trading Efficiency: Reduces implementation issues in DeFi, improving the overall trading experience.

Tackling State Bloat with Zero-Knowledge Proofs

State bloat, a common challenge in blockchain technology, is effectively addressed by Polygon Miden through state minimization and ZK proofs. These technologies reduce the need for extensive data storage, thereby enhancing the network’s speed and lowering transaction fees. Polygon Miden’s zkEVM roll-up technology allows block creation and authentication without storing the entire state, ensuring efficient and scalable operations.

Advanced Features and Security

Polygon Miden’s architecture, which includes account abstraction and local asset storage, improves user experience by ensuring efficiency and security. Each account in Polygon Miden is represented by a smart contract, making exploits more difficult as each account must be individually targeted. Additionally, features like on-chain price oracles for perpetual markets are in development to further enhance DeFi markets’ efficiency and autonomy.

Enhancing the Ethereum DeFi Landscape

Polygon Miden integrates elements from both Bitcoin and Ethereum, offering a unique blockchain experience. It combines Bitcoin’s concept of unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) with customizable logic (Notes), functioning like cryptographic cashier’s checks with attached logic for conditional transactions. This system advances Ethereum’s programmable smart contracts by enabling client-side proving of transactions, maintaining privacy while enhancing performance.

Users execute transactions locally and submit ZK proofs to the rollup, allowing transactions to be processed in parallel and significantly improving throughput. This innovative approach ensures that Polygon Miden can support high-performance, order-book-based protocols like Spark, driving forward the DeFi ecosystem.


Polygon Miden’s $35 million grant initiative and the development of Spark highlight its commitment to advancing the DeFi sector. By leveraging state minimization and zero-knowledge proofs, Polygon Miden aims to create scalable, efficient, and secure blockchain solutions that enhance the Ethereum DeFi landscape. This initiative represents a significant step towards fostering innovation and improving the overall user experience in decentralized finance.

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