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The 8 Best-Selling Video Games: Where Pixels Met Dollars

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Do you remember those late nights? The glow of a your television, fingers wrapped around chunky controllers, and pixelated adventures unfolding before your eyes—it was the golden age of gaming. But  the world doesn’t run on our memories or nostalgia alone. Games have always captivated players and fueled discussions about sales figures. From classic titles to modern hits, let’s dive into the best-selling video games, complete with fascinating tidbits:



Tetris – The hypnotic falling blocks, the catchy Russian melody—Tetris was more than a game; it was a cultural phenomenon. Whether on a Game Boy, PC, or arcade machine, arranging those tetrominoes felt like solving a cosmic puzzle. And admit it, you hummed that theme song even when you weren’t playing.

Originally released in 1984, Tetris has grossed an estimated $13.93 billion1 (adjusted for inflation) worldwide. It remains an iconic puzzle game that transcends generations.


A world of infinite possibilities, where you could build castles, mine diamonds, and fend off Creepers. The simplicity of its blocky graphics masked a universe waiting to be shaped by your imagination. Crafting wooden swords, constructing redstone contraptions, and surviving the night—Minecraft was our digital canvas.

Since its debut in 2009, Minecraft has generated approximately $22 billion in revenue. Its blocky universe continues to captivate players’ imaginations.

Grand Theft Auto V

Los Santos, a sprawling playground of crime and chaos. We stole cars, flew helicopters, and explored every seedy corner. The radio stations—oh, the radio stations! Cruising down the virtual highway, listening to “Radio Ga Ga” or “Hood Gone Love It,” we felt invincible. And Trevor? Well, he was our unhinged alter ego.

The criminal underworld of Los Santos has raked in around $8 billion in revenue since its release in 2013. Fast cars, heists, and a sprawling open world—GTA V delivers.

Wii Sports

Remember the Wii? That white console with motion controls that made your grandparents bowl strikes and swing tennis rackets? Wii Sports was the gateway drug to family gaming. Bowling with exaggerated arm movements, boxing like a caffeinated kangaroo—it brought generations together.

Bowling strikes, tennis rallies, and boxing matches on the Wii brought in approximately $5.19 billion. It’s the game that got everyone off the couch and swinging remotes.

PUB G (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) –

The adrenaline rush of parachuting onto an island, scavenging for weapons, and surviving the shrinking play zone. PUBG ignited the battle royale craze, turning us all into amateur survivalists. “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” became our victory chant.

The battle royale sensation has amassed $16.43 billion in revenue since 2017. Dropping onto an island and surviving—it’s the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Mario Kart 8 + Deluxe –

Blue shells, rainbow roads, and banana peels—Mario Kart was our rollercoaster ride. We raced against friends, dodging shells and boosting past Thwomps. And that moment when you snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a perfectly timed Bullet Bill? Pure elation.

Racing with Mario and friends has driven around $13.08 billion in revenue since 2014. Blue shells, rainbow roads, and victory laps—it’s pure joy.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan’s journey through the Wild West was more than a game; it was an epic saga. We herded cattle, robbed trains, and watched sunsets over dusty plains. The haunting soundtrack, the camaraderie around campfires—it felt like we were outlaws with a purpose.

Rockstar’s epic western adventure has lassoed in $8 billion since 2018. Saddle up, partner, and ride into the sunset.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fus Ro Dah! Dragons, shouts, and a vast open world. We explored dungeons, crafted potions, and became the Dragonborn. The snowy peaks of High Hrothgar, the eerie Dwemer ruins—Skyrim was our second home. And let’s not forget Lydia, our loyal (if slightly clumsy) companio

With dragons, shouts, and a vast open world, Skyrim has enchanted players to the tune of $11.32 billion since 20042. Fus Ro Dah!

League of Legends

Inspired by the custom map “Defense of the Ancients” (DotA) for Warcraft III, Riot’s founders aimed to create a stand-alone game in the same genre.

This MOBA powerhouse has summoned $15.25 billion in revenue since 20092. Strategic battles and competitive spirit—it’s a legend.


Crossfire is a first-person tactical shooter developed by South Korean video game developer SmileGate. In the game, players choose between two mercenary factions—Global Risk or Black List—and compete in various game modes. These objective-based scenarios force players to work together, making teamwork essential for success.

The MMOFPS has fired up $13.08 billion in revenue since 2007. Bullets, teamwork, and intense firefights—it’s a global hit.
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