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Top 7 Hackers and Hacker Groups Involved in Massive Hacks Over the Years

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In recent decades, the rapid evolution of technology has enabled the emergence of hackers and groups of hackers capable of carrying out large-scale hacks, having a significant impact on governments, companies and individuals around the world. . These acts of cybercrime have grabbed headlines, sparked international investigations and posed growing cybersecurity challenges. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most notorious hackers and hacker groups that have been involved in major hacks over the years.
These examples represent only a small fraction of the hackers and hacker groups that have played a major role in large-scale hacks over the years. They highlight the growing importance of cybersecurity and the need for governments, businesses and individuals to take steps to protect their data and systems from the ever-evolving threats in the digital world.


Anonymous is an activist hacker group well known for its hacking actions to promote freedom of expression and expose online censorship. The group has carried out various attacks against governments, companies and organizations considered oppressive. Their actions include DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks against government websites, leaks of sensitive data, and social justice hacking operations.

Lizard Squad

Lizard Squad is a notorious hacker group that has been involved in several attacks on popular online services, including hacking into Xbox Live and PlayStation Network during Christmas 2014. Their DDoS attacks disrupted online services for hours, causing significant disruption for users around the world.

Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear

These two groups of Russian hackers, also known as APT28 (Fancy Bear) and APT29 (Cozy Bear), are suspected of being linked to Russian intelligence services. They have been involved in various cyberattacks, including the US Democratic Party hack in 2016. These hacks were aimed at influencing US elections and disrupting democratic institutions.

Dark Tequila

DarkTequila is a group of cybercriminals that primarily targeted users in Mexico, stealing sensitive financial information. They used sophisticated malware to collect banking data and credentials.


Stuxnet is a very sophisticated computer worm discovered in 2010, which was designed to target industrial control systems in Iran. It is widely believed to be a joint creation of the United States and Israel. Stuxnet sabotaged Iranian uranium enrichment centrifuges, representing one of the first cyber attacks to have major physical implications.


WannaCry is ransomware (ransomware) that infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide in 2017. It encrypted victims’ files and demanded a ransom in Bitcoin to decrypt them. The attack had a major impact on hospitals, businesses and government institutions.


NotPetya is another ransomware that hit the world in 2017, but it was far more destructive than WannaCry. This attack caused massive financial losses to targeted companies in Ukraine and disrupted the global operations of several multinationals.
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