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Hello #tangler ‘s ( #tangler = Tangled Social User)

I know that each one of you aims to make something meaningful and achieve success in this new social media platform. As a fellow user, I’m on the same journey and would like to share a few friendly tips with you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, fostering a #conversation where our community benefits from collective insights.


Tip 1️⃣:

Your posts shouldn’t solely revolve around “join me.” Contrary to what you might think, I block individuals who use such content. By doing this, you might be missing out on a considerable potential without even realizing it. Share your content; interested users will naturally join and follow over time. It might take a while, but it’ll be more meaningful in the long run.

Tip 2️⃣:

While it’s natural to have numerous things to share, flooding the feed with ten posts from the same person within an hour diminishes their significance. I tend to block individuals doing this. When creating multiple posts, consider using the “scheduled post” feature to automate them at specific times. It saves time and prevents overwhelming your potential followers.

Tip 3️⃣:

If your posts require it, always mark them as +18. Explicit content or violent posts must be labeled as +18. Otherwise, the “moderation” may delete your messages.

Tip 4️⃣:

If you want people to consider your “paid posts,” maintain a high reputation. People won’t pay attention to posts from individuals they don’t trust. Providing hints related to the content while creating can encourage people to pay for your posts.

Tip 5️⃣:

Refrain from sending “follow me” messages to popular users via “private messages.” Personally, I promptly “block” those who reach out this way, as mentioned above.

Tip 6️⃣:

Be creative. Crafting content is challenging, but try to convey your thoughts when sharing a video or image, even with just 1-2 words.

Tip 7️⃣:

Stop thinking short-term; you’re among the first users of this new platform. Seize this opportunity, invest in your ecosystem, create engaging groups, work to keep them active, and expand your audience.

Tip 8️⃣:

There are ton’s of methods to #earn #millix on #TangledSocial. Just follow the breadcrumbs #earn hashtag is the key here..

Tip 9️⃣:

As generous as you are, so shall you earn. Reward others to be rewarded yourself. 🤑

These are the things that came to my mind. If you have anything to add, please share it in the comments below #conversation 

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