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In a riveting revelation, renowned UFO journalist Jeremy Corbell has unveiled exclusive footage capturing a perplexing ‘jellyfish’ Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) witnessed over a U.S. joint operations base in Iraq during 2018. The Pentagon, maintaining an official classification of the object as a UAP, raises eyebrows as the footage showcases the enigmatic behavior of the unidentified entity. From a controlled descent over water resembling a jellyfish’s movements to its sudden disappearance at remarkable speed, the anomaly introduces a new dimension to the ongoing exploration of unidentified aerial phenomena. Join us as we delve into the intriguing details surrounding this mysterious ‘jellyfish’ UAP and its cryptic maneuvers that continue to baffle experts and skeptics alike.

Leaked Footage

UFO journalist Jeremy Corbell unveils video of a peculiar ‘jellyfish’ UAP in Iraq (2018).


Filmed at a U.S. joint operations base using thermographic/infrared radar.

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Many operations during U.S. Space Command’s recent Global Lightning exercise were based in the command’s joint operations center.


Pentagon Classification

Officially designated as a UAP (Unknown Aerial Phenomenon).

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Intriguing Movements

Resembling a jellyfish, it maneuvered over a military installation, then controlled its descent over water.


The UAP submerged after 17 minutes, reemerging swiftly and disappearing at high speed.

Night Vision Anomaly

Not observable with night vision, it jammed optical targeting and displayed positive lift without usual propulsion signatures.

Intriguingly, UFO journalist Jeremy Corbell’s leaked footage reveals a ‘jellyfish’ UAP spotted over a U.S. joint operations base in Iraq in 2018. Classified by the Pentagon as a UAP, the object displayed enigmatic movements, including a controlled descent over water and a swift disappearance after reemerging. Witnesses note anomalies like the object’s invisibility to night vision and its disruption of optical targeting capabilities. As the mystery deepens, the Pentagon’s continued classification adds an extra layer to this unexplained aerial phenomenon.

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