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How would Jesus of Nazareth really have looked like?

There are no surviving physical descriptions of Jesus of Nazareth, making it impossible to determine his appearance. We only have art depictions of him, which were created long after his death and may not be accurate. Jesus, however, is believed to have looked like an average Jewish man of his time, with dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes. It is also likely that he was of average height and build.

Credit: Richard Neave

An image of Jesus Christ that BBC claims is the first “true-to-life” rendition was generated using ancient religious images and 2,000-year-old Jewish skulls.

‘Son of God’, a major new BBC1 religious series, released its first pictures today. The photos resemble police e-fits.

Last year, church leaders criticised the BBC for marginalizing serious religious discourse due to its use of computer-generated images. The BBC hopes the series will finally put a stop to that criticism.

“Jesus’ image dated back to religious portraits from the sixth century,” said producer Jean Claude Bragard.

He added, “We also looked at Jewish faces from the first century to come up with this.”.

In contrast to the typical image of Jesus with a beard and long hair, this image is strikingly different.

According to the BBC, “the reconstruction provides the closest representation of this remarkable man’s appearance.”

At 9 p.m. this Sunday, Son of God begins a three-part series.

Those who branded the corporation’s religious coverage as “trite” last year will rejoice at the primetime scheduling.

Additionally, the series examines Judas’ betrayal and the last supper as evidence for other stories about Jesus’ life.

The BBC1 controller Lorraine Heggessey said, “It’s not the face of Jesus, but how he might have looked with the scientific evidence we have.”

Those are the looks of people from that area at the time.”

According to Bragard, Jesus sweating blood on the cross is supported by evidence.

“Over 100 people have reported sweating blood on their way to the gas chamber or the gallows when they know they’re going to die,” he said.

Scientists and archaeologists examined the Gospel stories for scientific evidence.”

In addition to the virgin birth, the series will examine Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.

A computer-generated reconstruction of what Jerusalem, for example, would have looked like during Jesus’ time will also be featured in the series.

Using a similar approach, Ms Heggessey suggested that other bible figures could be examined, such as Moses, Joseph and King Herod.

It is because Ms Heggessey is looking for a few “long-running franchises” that she is running so many new dramas.

There is still a chance that one or two of these titles will be able to flourish into long-running franchises like Silent Witness. We will keep trying until we find the right titles.

“We’re looking forward to returning series that are stronger than those on ITV in two years.

We’re trying to develop long-term franchises, so there is a lot of police drama. There is no excuse for crime dramas – a lot of people like to read and watch them.”

Original Source and Article: The Guardian

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